.I-am Name Prince Raj Job Back-end Developer Web princeraj.in Github @raazcrzy Twitter @Raaz_Crzy E-Mail [email protected]
.About Country India City Hajipur Age 23
.About:before Content I love to work on the backend side of things. My usual days comprise of writing and fixing features / APIs. My language of choice is Golang (Go). It took me a full month to learn Kubernets!
.Work-experience Experience-process 2.5 Year Work-Anneversary 3rd July
.Work-experience .first Company-name GS Lab My-position Software Engineer (Dev) Working-process 7 Months
.Work-experience .second Company-name Appbase Inc My-position Platform Engineer Working-process 1st Feb 2018 - Ongoing
.Skills Golang 90% Kubernetes 80% SQL 75% NO-SQL 65%
.Skills .Language Golang 90%
.Skills .Database MSSQL 80% PostgreSQL 75% Elasticsearch 75% Redis 75%
.Education-information Computer Science Yeah
.Education-information .first School-name College Of Engineering Bhubaneswar Year-of-study 2013 - 2017 Department-of-education Computer Science & Engineering
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